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25 Food to avoid Eating After Workout

25 Food to avoid Eating After Workout
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Do you unintentionally undo your workout?

After a long run or a tough workout session, you might believe you can eat anything, because you have burned enough calories for deserving a little delicious treat, but you cannot be more wrong about it. After physical exercise, your body is repairing the wear-and-tear such as torn muscle fibers, shortage of energy, and increased metabolic rate. During this repair period, your body is sensitive to certain food intake. Hard to digest meals loaded with sugar or full of with saturated fat can do serious damage, right at the moment when your body needs to repair itself the most.

Here are the foods you are supposed to avoid if you want to achieve your beach body by working out:

25. Raw Vegetables – You Would Never Guessed that, Would You?

source: pexels.com

Raw vegetables are extremely healthy, then why are you supposed to avoid them after a workout session? Vegetables like carrots, celery and broccoli are all low-fat, healthy snacks, but after intensive workout, your body is craving for fuel which those vegetables cannot provide. If you do prefer to eat them, serve them with healthy, protein-rich dips e.g. natural yogurt.


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