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25 Food to Eat Prior to Workout

25 Food to Eat Prior to Workout
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Do you know how to maximize your performance at the gym?

You might have experienced that some days you are as strong as Superman or Wonder Woman at the gym, and on other days you feel like a lazy couch potato who never will get better at this fitness thing. Worry no more! The solution is likely to be as simple as you are not paying attention to your meals or you might have overdone the low calorie foods prior to your workout session.

Fueling your body with the right nutrients prior to physical exercise will give you the energy to perform better. You might have heard that if you would like to lean down, you must exercise with an empty stomach, because it helps burning fat. Well, true it is, if your glycogen stores are empty, your body is forced to burn fat to gain energy. Although, if you are not a highly experienced athlete, it might be dangerous for you to do hard physical exercise while you are fasting; your blood sugar level can get so low that you might feel dizziness, nausea, headache, or you might even faint. So we recommend you to prepare your body for physical exercise. Keep scrolling if you can use some easy diet tips on how to do that.

25. Banana – Favorite Fruit of Athletes.

source: pexels.com

The best pre-Banana is loaded with fast-acting carbohydrates, therefore, you can shake up your body’s metabolism with a few bites of banana before an early morning or a late night workout. Believe us, it will help you to get started with a great workout session.


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  1. It is a nice list, but I am always amazed as to why the lie still persists that the yolk, the egg yellow is bad. To eat the egg as a whole is much better. The lies about saturated animal fat still linger on.


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