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25 Spices and Herbs Which Can Spice Up Your Health

25 Spices and Herbs Which Can Spice Up Your Health
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Have you ever thought about that spices are not only for stimulating your taste buds, but for preserving your health?

Many plants produce molecules which are beneficial for your health and also make your food delicious. Although, these active agents are not as concentrated and potent in naturally occurring spices and herbs as in medicines, but they prolonged use can have a significant beneficial effect on your health. Read this article if you would like to find out more about which spices you should use to stay healthy.

25. Turmeric – the Yellow Inflammation Blocker.

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In India this spice is widely used in medicine e.g. as a pasta it is applied to the wounds, and it is also made into tea to treat inflammation in the respiratory tract. Modern medicine also confirms that turmeric can have anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor effects as well.


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