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25 Useless and Harmful Exercises

25 Useless and Harmful Exercises
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Do you do useless exercises?

Have you ever wondered how it is possible that you sweat in the gym for hours in every week and it seems like nothing happens. It is quite devastating, isn’t it? Don’t worry, you are not alone with this issue. Maybe the only problem is that you are keep doing the practically useless fancy-looking exercises, which do not make great impact on your fitness, what is more, they even can be harmful for your body. These useless exercises are popular and have no result. You just waste your time that you could have used for cardio workout or for a few more sets…

Scroll down if you want to find out which exercises you should avoid doing at the gym.

25. Behind-The-Neck Press – Do You Really Want to Kill Your Shoulders?

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Pressing weights behind your neck is undoubtedly a useful exercise for your back muscles. Although, it is one of the most dangerous to do, because it forces your shoulders’ muscles (rotator cuff) into an unstable position, so if your shoulders are not flexible enough, you can hurt them really badly. Additionally, most people crane their neck forward to do the move, which can cause strain in the neck as well.


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  1. Biomechanically speaking, this article has clearly Been written by amateur.
    Round back deadlifts…….. Who / why / what?
    Shrugs for a single shoulder muscle??? LOL. Which particular shoulder muscle does one have in mind?

  2. Wow really narrow minded points of view, and so uniformative with your alternative exercises. Now you seem to have written off most of my workouts I’ve been doing for years (injury free) I’m not left with much else other than take a walk…… but wait could it put wear and tear on my legs or maybe I might get sun burnt or struck by lightning, it’s all just too risky I think I’ll just quick exercise altogether ‘sigh’

  3. Is this a joke?
    All exercises can cause injury if done incorrectly, so repetitively telling people that the risk is too high is just dumb, some of these exercises are actually non-existent, for example ‘round back deadlifts’ has never been a thing, that’s just bad form and seems like you’re just scraping for excuses to make your “article” more plausible. As for wrist curls and improving grip strength, if you’re a rock climber this exercise can be quite useful or if you’ve damaged your wrist using this and a combination of rice/sand resistance training can be done to rehabilitate your wrists and improve grip. Many of your “reasons” not to do some of these exercises is based on your own misinformation of which group it’s supposed to improve.

    Clearly click-bait so I hope the author isn’t really a med student as a lot of this shows a poor understanding of anatomy which should’ve been covered in the first 2 years by most medical school standards.


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